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The installation of any Decorative Concrete work by our company is is warrantied for Five years against installation issues. Acrylic concrete can break like regular concrete so if something very heavy or metal hits or scratches it, damage will occur and is not an installation issue. Epoxy floors are industrial Strength and will not fail in Five years so any issues are covered.

If the Acrylic concrete, Epoxy coatings, Concrete Stain or the Sealer bubbles, peels, chips or comes up by no cause of the residents of the property, its neighbors or by any other peripheral issue unrelated to the resurfacing job, this damage would be covered as it is most likely due to the installation of the product or its materials. If the foundation settles or the ground shifts and a crack occurs, this would not be an installation issue and would not be covered.

You should expect at least Fifteen to Twenty hassle free years out of the resurfacing project if everything goes as planned. It is recommended by the manufacturer that you reseal every Five years in Florida to protect the stain from fading. If you have any issue within Five years from the installation date, please contact our company and we will come out and repair the issue free of charge.


Christian Robbins

Elegant Concrete Solutions LLC