We Specialize in Decorative Concrete both interior and exterior which includes the resurfacing of driveways, walkways, patios and pool decks with an acrylic based concrete and Interior concrete floors with metallic epoxy, epoxy flake and quartz epoxy.  When resurfacing with acrylic concrete we spray down a polymer based resin that is a bonding agent.  The bonding agent is also mixed with the bags of resurfacing concrete mix.  We completely prep each job which includes grinding of any existing concrete stain, Skim coating an existing cool deck or jack hammering river rock. Crack treatment is part of the prep which includes grinding out of  cracks and filling them with epoxy as well as the cutting of Stress Joints to control where future stress affect the slab.  To ensure that our product lasts the test of time everything must come off so that we get to bare concrete. We then base to area if doing non wood overlay. Stain with the darker chosen color in variating shades and seal everything with two coats of sealer to protect it.  We warranty ALL of our work against normal wear for 5 years.   The materials we use are also backed by the manufacturer's warranty.

  We also do interior concrete floors. We stain with either water based or acid stain. We can also apply an epoxy either clear, metallic reflector or colored chips. This epoxy can be put on counter tops as well either clear or with very small metallic look with swirls in it or not.  Giving a very unique look while putting a protective barrier from mold and stains.