Metallic Epoxy Countertops

While Concrete Countertops are a popular option for kitchen renovations and offer a host of benefits, homeowners are increasingly turning to epoxy varieties. A resin-based countertop material, epoxy is available in a wide range of colors and textures, and its durability has been shown to outlast other materials.

Epoxy has a higher impact resistance capability than other materials, epoxy countertops can withstand up to 500 degrees of heat without showing signs of damage. Additionally, the material is UV-resistant. Homeowners with kitchens that rely heavily on natural sunlight can rest easy knowing the sun’s rays won’t affect the surface or deplete the color.



Unlike concrete countertops, epoxy is nontoxic and nonporous. This means that cleaning the surface is significantly easier because liquids won’t seep into the material. Cleaning is as simple as using a soft towel and a moderate amount of force to buff the surface. A countertop brush can be used for more persistent food particles.
One of the biggest advantages of epoxy countertops is the fact that most small nicks or color disruptions can be sanded out without having to refinish the entire surface. Additionally, the fact that less color pigment is used in these countertops means they impart a vaguely transparent quality that will hide color irregularities as they age.