Acrylic Concrete Resurfacing


  Acrylic Concrete Resurfacing of Existing Concrete Slabs is an option for homeowners who have aging concrete  and would like to Improve it's appearance.  It is referred to as Acrylic Concrete because a Texture Resin (Concrete Glue) is mixed with the concrete.  This combination allows for excellent bonding of the overlay (1/4 inch thick) to the existing slab.  All cracks are treated with epoxy prior to the overlay and stress joints are cut where the cracks are to control future stress cracks  to the slab.


  The Overlay can be made into Small Tile, Large Tile, Random Slate Stone, Brick  or Wood.  It can be completely solid as well.  We make it any color or combination of colors as well as a final clear coat it with an Acrylic Sealer (Gives it a Wet Glossy Look).  This layer of acrylic protects the stain from fading as well as prevents mold or dirt from getting into pores in the concrete.